13 Reasons Why: Salary negotiations before season 3

9 August
13 Reasons Why: Salary negotiations before season 3

13 Reasons Why: Salary negotiations before season 3

13 Reasons Why and 26 Reasons Why will soon become 39 Reasons Why…
Netflix is currently in the middle of contract negotiations,although the first table reads are soon to take place.

Since the beginning of June it is certain: The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why alias “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” will now get a third season after its improvised second season.The leading actress Katherine Langford has already excluded herself.The rest of the cast around Dylan Minnette is to return,however,although the salary negotiations are apparently still lacking.

According to the deadline, Netflix is still in talks,with the first readings of the script due to start in the next few days.A total of eight central protagonists are currently still refusing to sign the streaming service.The contracts should be ready by next Monday at the latest, when production begins.Insiders seem to be optimistic that a solution could be found by then.

Minnette, now the sole protagonist,allegedly demands a salary of 200 thousand dollars per episode.Brandon Flynn,Alisha Boe,Justin Prentice,Christian Navarro,Miles Heizer,Devin Druid and Ross Butler would probably settle for 150 thousand.However,this would represent an enormous increase,as salaries are said to have initially ranged between 20 thousand and 60 thousand dollars.Minnette has so far earned about 80 thousand per episode.

Salary increases starting from the third season are anything but atypical for successful Netflix series.Only recently the cast of Stranger Things could be pleased about juicy increases.Should the negotiations with Minnette and Co.continue to be delayed,the actors would probably still appear to be working normally for the time being,as their contracts would still be effective.For the streaming service,13 Reasons Why is one of the most important in-house productions,which makes a withdrawal from financial disputes extremely unlikely.

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