Atlanta Exes After One Season

10 June
Atlanta Exes After One Season

The show – which includes the exes of Ne-Yo, Usher, Cee-Lo Green and Kevin Hart – pulled in not too bad appraisals the previous summer more than eight scenes, opening at 2.3 million and completing with 1.5 million in medium-term numbers.

A VH1 representative declined to remark why it chose not to bring it back.The system doesn’t have a tendency to be excessively gabby about shows it wipes out.While four of the women live locally,Torrei Hart was imported from Los Angeles to take part on the show and she clashed hard with the most divisive figure in the group – Usher’s ex wife Tameka Raymond.Tameka early on came across as haughty and distant from the others though she warmed up later.A week ago it was affirmed that Hollywood Exes won’t return for another season on VH1 which had numerous fans inquiring as to whether Atlanta Exes would endure a similar destiny.Cast part Tameka Raymond shared her musings regarding the matter and it sounds similar to fans shouldn’t hold their breath!Tameka dished about her involvement with the truth appear and regardless of whether it’s returning for a moment season.

On her experience of reality TV and not regretting the ride, she tells Jasmine Brand:“You know it’s a double edge sword.First of all I’m not one that’s big on being in front of the camera.I’ve always been behind the scenes so I am a little camera shy or nervous.So I spent like probably the first 4 episodes trying not to blink and trying not to mess up and say the wrong thing and then it came off as you think you’re better than everybody or they just didn’t understand what my mind set was. I was trying to just not get in the confrontations and I ended up in them because I wasn’t. Then I thought I was better and then when I said something to have some personality I would have foot and mouth disease.I’m like, ‘Sh*t I can’t win with this damn thing.I didn’t like some of the edits and some of the way I kind of came off on camera.Yet, you recognize what it was an affair and I don’t think twice about it.
Does Tameka think she got a fair edit on the show? “Sometimes I was not. Definitely.But then it’s like you kind of have to follow the story. If you do one episode and I’m kind of made to look a little more confrontational then the next episode kind of has to match the other one so yeah it’s just the name of the game.At the end of the day, I’m smarter than that.I knew what I signed up for and I should’ve been just kind of carefully analyzed that a little bit.”

Will the show return? It’s not looking likely.“I don’t know. I know were not filming now and as far as I know,we will not be filming.I don’t know the logistics as to why, cause its both franchises.Its the two shows LA or Atlanta nor are returning.”

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