Chicago Fire:Season 6 Starts in Early September On VOX

9 August
Chicago Fire:Season 6 Starts in Early September On VOX

Chicago Fire:Season 6 starts in early September on VOX

At the beginning of September,things get hot again at VOX,because then the sixth season of the Chicago Fire firefighting series will start on free TV.At the beginning of the new season there is a leap in time and only a review of the fatal fire in the relay final makes the consequences clear.

German free-TV viewers can mark themselves red on the calendar on Friday,7 September,when the Firehouse 51 firefighters will return to the screens.As usual,VOX then shows the sixth season of the series Chicago Fire on Fridays at 8.15 pm.Let’s start with the episode Play with Fire.In the United States,the seventh season starts at the end of September.

What happens in season six?
Who did not survive the fire in the relay final was not betrayed in the run-up.Showrunner Derek Haas recommends to have handkerchiefs ready for the season opener.After a brief review of the fatal fire,the sixth season begins a few months later and shows the emotional effects on all those involved.

The new episodes will be about loyalty.What happens if there is a conflict between the external family and the fire brigade?

There are no plans for Benny Severide (Treat Williams) to appear,however,but the friend of another serial character will come by.

Firefighter Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) gets a maternal visit.Actress Kim Delaney will take on the role of his mother Jennifer Sheridan,who was once married to her ex-husband Benny (Williams).In the 70s she was a wild party girl,but today she is a believing Christian who regularly goes to church,quotes the Bible and is described as warmhearted.

Eloise Mumford is to be seen as Hope Jacquinot.She is an old friend of Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer),who suddenly moved from Indiana to Chicago.It causes a lot of chaos because it has had a bad influence on anyone who crosses its path.She has her eye on Severide in particular.

Sarah Shahi (Person of Interest) will again be Renée Royce.Renée first appeared in season one of the series when she was rescued by the Firehouse 51 firemen. Then a hanky-panky with Severide started,but it was abruptly interrupted when she moved to Spain. In the second season she returned pregnant,but the child did not come from her fiery relationship.In the sixth season,she now makes contact again because she is working on a court case for which she needs an expert opinion.At the same time,she hopes to smooth the waves with Severide,but she could have chosen a better time…

Boden has to put out a fire at Donna’s school,Sylvie and Antonio revive their romance and someone else will have a lot of fun…

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