Insatiable:Review Of The Pilot Episode

11 August
Insatiable:Review Of The Pilot Episode

Insatiable:Review of the pilot episode
Review of this episode 1×01
Patty wants revenge on the world she called fat.Bob wants to prove himself as a beauty pageant coach.Together they produce a silly and sometimes borderline series,which has already received a lot of criticism in advance.Was that justified?

What is more important: the intention or what people pull from a story without being asked?Can we show what we want to criticise and who decides whether it is satire?The questions, repeatedly discussed by countless columnists and critics are also aroused by the new Netflix series Insatiable.The discussions about “Fat Shaming” have already started after the release of the trailer,but after the pilot episode of the satire this accusation has a difficult state.

What is this about?
Patty (Debby Ryan,Jessie) has a hard time.At school she is teased because she would not meet the standard of beauty.Her mother is a wannabe beauty who got pregnant too soon. After all,she has her best friend at her side,Nonnie (Kimmy Shields,Big Little Lies),who is there for her in every situation.And then there’s this short moment when she thinks she might have a chance with her favourite Brick (Michael Provost) when he collapses in gym class.But when this dream is pulled away from her feet,Patty loses all confidence in a content life without self-hatred.Destroyed,she sits in front of the supermarket and eats her frustration into herself when an apparently homeless man addresses her,insults her as “fat” and wants to take her chocolate away from her.She punches him in the face,he punches back.

Let’s switch to the second main character of the story,the hapless lawyer Bob (Dallas Roberts;The L Word, The Walking Dead),whose great passion is to coach young girls for pageants.There,however,a great injustice befalls him,for after a defeat he is called a paedophile by his protégé’s mother and thus loses his reputation.As a result,no one from high society wants to come to the gala he and his wife Coralee (Alyssa Milano) are giving.But the latter has a solution and captivates the popular Etta Mae (Carly Hughes, American Housewife) to increase the guest list again.Coralee and Bob live their best lives as wealthy members of their southern community.

However,Bob must first be humiliated by his father,the associate of the law firm,and is set on a pro bono case without being asked.This is where the two stories come together,because Bob is to defend Patty,who is being sued by the alleged homeless man whose nose she is said to have broken.

When we meet Patty again on the steps of the courthouse and Bob sees her for the first time,she has little to do with the teenager of the first minutes.The argument broke her jaw,which meant she had to switch to liquid food and starved to death.

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