Lethal Weapon: Damon Wayans on harmonic shooting of season 3

11 August
Lethal Weapon: Damon Wayans on harmonic shooting of season 3

Lethal Weapon: Damon Wayans on harmonic shooting of season 3

Can’t one of you win?After the chapter Clayne Crawford seemed to be over for Lethal Weapon,Damon Wayans now rejoins and raves about the harmonious shooting of the third season.

The first episode of Lethal Weapon’s third season,the first without Clayne Crawford, is in the can.A suitable moment for the remaining leading actor Damon Wayans to draw a first small conclusion about how the work works without his problematic colleague.According to THR,the actor now raved about the new harmony on set.

“We’ve only shot one episode so far,but the atmosphere is definitely much looser and we’re having fun on and off the set,” Wayans told some reporters at the big FOX party on the TCA Press Tour.The actor is said to have spent much of the evening with station chief Dana Walden,whom he even toasted for the extension of Lethal Weapon.

About his ex-colleague Crawford,who was fired last May for disputes on the Warner Bros.set,Wayans said:”It’s a tough business and I wish him the best.”Soon he will have to share the picture with Seann William Scott (“American Pie”),who joins the cast as a new character Wesley Cole.According to Wayans,it’s a “love at first fall.”But first Murtaugh has to cope with the death of his old partner…

Wayans also commented on Crawford’s influence on the script:”He knew and was very pleased with the direction the series would take.I don’t know what he thinks about how it ends one day,but I know that he was very involved in the writing process and especially in the development of his character.”However,he did not want to say more on this subject “so as not to pour even more oil on the fire”.The new episodes will start on September 25.

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