Snowfall – drug trafficking in the 80s in the 1st season on FOX

8 August
Snowfall – drug trafficking in the 80s in the 1st season on FOX

Snowfall – drug trafficking in the 80s in the 1st season on FOX

Today FOX launches the 1st season of Snowfall,which revolves around three dealers in the 1980s and the influence of crack on the drug trade.
Update,25.01.2018:This news has already been released on FX on July 5,2017 for the US launch. For the German premiere on FOX we have updated the news for you.

Today FOX starts the 1st season of Snowfall, which is broadcasted every Thursday evening in double episodes on the German Pay-TV channel.The series was created by John Singleton (Boyz’n the Hood), Eric Amadio and Dave Andron (Justified),who is also responsible for the series as a showrunner and is involved in the production together with Thomas Schlamme,Michael London and Trevor Engelson.

The series takes place in Los Angeles in 1983,which has just become the center of the big crack epidemic. The focus is on the three dealers Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), Gustavo Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and Logan Miller (Billy Magnussen).Franklin is still new to the business and unfamiliar with the vital rules of the road when he finds himself in the middle of the crack boom and hopes to quickly expand his influence. Gustavo is a failed wrestler who now deals drugs to keep himself afloat, while Logan, also known as the prodigal son, enjoys his reputation as an unscrupulous gangster. Other roles include Emily Rios as Lucia, daughter of an influential gangster boss who is trying to lead her own life,and Carter Hudson as CIA agent Teddy McDonald,who is committed to the fight against drugs,but also experiences resistance from within his own ranks.

Snowfall has been planned since 2015:FX successfully applied for state subsidies with a pilot.The pilot himself, written by John Singleton and Eric Amadio,however,was very mixed,but FX remained in the series,probably also because of the grants of $4.9 million.Dave Andron was brought on board and revised the script together with the two authors,and the entire direction and some actors were replaced.In September 2016 Snowfall finally received the order for the first season,which was broadcast in the USA for the first time in July 2017.A 2nd season of Snowfall was ordered before the end of the 1st season.However,it does not yet have an exact broadcast date.

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