The Amber Rose Show (No Season Two)

10 June
The Amber Rose Show (No Season Two)

It’s one and improved the situation Muva Rose.VH1 has wiped out the Amber Rose Show, after only one season.The way that the television show would not return for season two was said as an aside in a Deadline meet with MTV, VH1, and Logo President Chris McCarthy.

Jay McGraw,Phil McGraw,Carla Pennington,Patty Ciano and Jeff Hudson official conveyed the Amber Rose Show for Stage 29 Productions.Rose and Walter Mosley official conveyed for Behind Her Shades Entertainment.Nina L.Diaz and Trevor Rose official delivered for VH1.

What do you think? Did you watch the principal period of this VH1 TV arrangement? Do you figure the Amber Rose Show ought to have been wiped out or recharged for season two?

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