This Is Us:New time levels planned for season 3

9 August
This Is Us:New time levels planned for season 3

This Is Us:New time levels planned for season 3

This Is Us jumps regularly between past and present.From season three onwards,however,a few time levels will be added:Jack’s assignment in the Vietnam War and the Toby and Beth backstory.

“This will be a hopeful season and a season where everyone gets new beginnings,”promised Elizabeth Berger,co-show runner of This Is Us,on the TCA Press Tour with a view to season three.The dark shadows of Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death should now be history once and for all,because the Pearsons would have suffered enough at the end of season two.

The new season starts on Tuesday,September 25th at NBC.It starts with the 38th birthday of the Big Three. The second chief producer Isaac Aptaker explains according to TVLine:”Our storylines will continue all the flash-forward scenes in the finale of the second season throughout the year”.

Besides,they will “spend a lot of time in Vietnam.”It’s about Jack’s history as a soldier.”There is something very liberating about this now that we have overcome the mystery of Jack’s death and can start this new chapter and be able to tell completely new stories.”Suddenly writing about the Vietnam War is really something special.”

Another time level is added by the deeper exploration of the minor characters Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Beth (Kelechi Watson).According to Berger,the two backstories will soon be examined in more detail.Looking at Toby and Kate (Chrissy Metz),the producer explained:”Obviously last season we initiated their path to a family.We want to continue this trip this year,and of course the problems of a new marriage also play a role.”

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